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Technology Support for third-party ILS Systems

PC and Peripheral Support

  • SCLS will attempt a base install of any third party ILS client software but cannot configure, manage, or provide technical support for such clients
  • SCLS will install appropriate printer drivers needed for various printers but will not be able to support further customization
  • SCLS cannot support peripheral equipment associated with the third-party ILS such as RFID or barcode readers
  • Libraries that need to configure software related to a third-party ILS can participate in the SLCS Partnership Program


  • SCLS will not support any aspect of an ILS server including
    • Hardware support
    • OS configuration
    • Licensing of and Operating Systems, database services, or other software need to support the ILS
    • Backup services for data housed on either the ILS server or client PCs
    • Database management or tuning
    • Connectivity to additional services such as e-commerce, enhanced cataloging records, discovery layer
    • Web server configuration or troubleshooting
    • (This includes PCs that are not technically “server-grade” hardware or are not running server-level operating systems)
  • If the ILS server requires Internet connectivity, SCLS can act as ISP only.  Any PCs that require a direct connection to the ILS server must also be ISP only and will not be supported by SCLS.

Third-Party Hardware

  • Self checks, RFID stations, security gates, and/or Automated Materials Handling equipment not directly associated with the SCLS-supported ILS service will not be supported by SCLS.

Network Support

  • SCLS will provide full network support for SCLS-supported PCs
  • ILS servers, clients, and other networked devices associated with third-party ILSs will receive basic network connectivity troubleshooting.