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WPLC Digital Media Buying Pool

In 2011 the Wisconsin Public Library Consortium (WPLC) proposed a funding mechanism for a 2012 statewide digital media buying pool for Wisconsin public libraries. Participation in the buying pool would be at the system level. WPLC recommended that the buying pool be funded at a million dollars annually. The million dollar figure was based on 5% of local collection expenditures for public library materials in 2009. The WPLC digital media buying pool costs are based 75% on usage and 25% on population for each system. In addition each system would pay the WPLC membership fee.

Member libraries would contribute money to support the buying pool by reallocating currently budgeted money from print or other formats to electronic resources in the buying pool. The idea is to use existing money in a different way, not to allocate new or additional money to the pool. WPLC Digital Media Buying Committee Report (pdf)

WPLC has three groups responsible for this project:

Funding within SCLS

SCLS is a member of the digital buying pool. SCLS pays the WPLC membership fee which allows all SCLS libraries to be part of the pool.

Annually 2.75% of SCIDS is dedicated to the buying pool.

The remainder of the amount is shared among all SCLS members. It is divided among the members based on their Total Collection Expenditures as reported in their state annual report. The most current annual report is used which is usually 2 years old (for 2015 we used 2013 numbers).

The members' total collection expenditure number is multiplied by whatever percentage is needed to hit the dollar amount charged by WPLC minus the SCIDS contribution.

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